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Elephant adj 01.tif
Boar PS.tif

The Elephant Who Couldn't Remember!

The Boar Who Was Actually Quite Interesting!

The children's picture books about animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!

Anchor 1 - Elephat/Boar
Skunk PS.tif
Fish PS.tif

The Fish Who Couldn't Swim!

The Skunk Who Didn't Want to Stink!

Fish Skunk
Bird Cros PS.tif
Bird-Heights PS.tif

The Bird Who Was Afraid To Clean The Crocodile's Teeth!

The bird who is afraid of heights!

Bird Croc Bir Heigts
Bear PS.tif
Rooster PS.tif

The Bear Who Couldn't Hibernate!

The Rooster Who Didn't Want To Wake Up Early Anymore!

Bear Roster
Camel PS.tif
Bird-South PS.tif

The Bird Who Didn't Want To Fly South For The Winter!

The Straw That Didn't Break The Camel's Back!

Bird South Camel
Eagel PS.tif
Opossum PS.tif

The Eagle Who Didn't Want To Wear His Glasses Anymore!

The Opossum Who Didn't Want To Play Dead!

Eagle Opossum
Pig adj.tif
Penguin PS.tif

The Penguin Who Disliked The Cold!

The Pig Who Didn't Want To Get Dirty!

Penquin Pig
Hyena PS.tif
Turtle PS.tif

The Hyena Who Wouldn't Laugh!

The Turtle Who Felt Boxed In!

Hyena Turtle
Lemming PS.tif
Ram PS.tif

The Lemming Who Didn't Want To Take The Plunge!

The Ram who didn’t want to butt heads!

Lemng Ram
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