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Film Projects

Painting Daydreams is pursuing the production of fun feature-length films for the entire family to enjoy together.

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Screenplays for
Family Films

We at Painting Daydreams aim to create scripts and family movies that are not just for kids but stories that bring the whole family together. Our goal being to provide through the magic of storytelling an experience that will create an even stronger family bond, enhancing relationships.

We strive to produce works that are fun or interesting to all family members, something that adults or older siblings will also appreciate. The humor in our stories is mature enough for all in the family to enjoy, rather than playing only to young children. We use humor skillfully to give all family members a shared experience, bringing parents and children and siblings closer together.  

We approach storyline and subject matter the same way. We believe children understand a lot more than many give them credit for. We view a good family film as a movie that avoids talking down to kids. Creatively we don’t shy away from mature matters of real life, while staying within a PG rating. We believe in the power of storytelling to unite the generations.

We believe it’s perfectly okay to have a dash of clean romance, while avoiding being too lovey-dovey or sexually suggestive. Likewise we see action, excitement, and danger as fine and entertaining. Our works never cross into gratuitous violence, and foul language is always avoided.


Film - Sam
Film - Empire State Tower and Meow
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In our stories we have children in lead roles, or at least a child-like, lovable character.

We view scary situations and visuals as being okay (within PG limits.) Children were frightened by the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz. Families quietly watched To Kill a Mockingbird together. Families cried together for the stranded alien in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Parents felt okay about bringing their children to the theatre to watch Jurassic Park.

We believe the very best of family movies will be positive, inspiring, and emotionally satisfying, even cathartic at the story’s resolution—feel good movies; films that also can subtly teach values and life lessons while they entertain.

We believe we have achieved these goals with our screenplays Empire State Tower, Meow, Signing with Sam, and Empty Eyes.


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