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Greetings from Painting Daydreams

Painting Daydreams is a General Partnership of California, U.S.A. We are a publishing and licensing house and a production company.


Painting Daydreams has published 2 series of children's picture books:

• The Upside Down Animals ® children's picture books about entertaining animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!

The Follow Filo children's picture books about a curious boy who has learned in a fun way that the more he looks the more he sees!

Painting Daydreams is also pursuing the production of fun feature-length films for the entire family to enjoy together.

Owners of Painting Daydreams, from left to right:

Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon, Guy Scata, Niko Zinovii

Author Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon as a guest on The Martha Stewart Show

Martha Stewart on the Upside Down Animals ® children's picture books:

"They're charming and the children really do love them. I love them. I love the rhyming.They remind me, and they're not at all like Dr. Seuss, but they remind me of Dr. Seuss, the energy that's in these books. And I think that it's wonderful that here we are again with a series of books that will teach as well as amuse, as well as inspire... Each book really does teach a great lesson."

Martha Stewart

- Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon, Author -

Internationally published author of two series of children’s books, Taylor has appeared on national TV in the United States where his books are “Recommended Reading” by the National PTA.


Taylor's other creative works


More on Taylor's children's books



amazon profile calls the books:

"A wonderful addition to any young child's library!"

- Taft Primary School celebrates the Upside Down Animals storybooks  -

School children of Taft Primary School, in California, put on a play based on the Upside Down Animals characters.


Author Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon and the Upside Down Animals children's books initial artist Niko Zinovii are pictured enjoying the play and later accepting from the children and teachers a hand made quilt picturing many of the Upside Down Animals characters.

Taylor was honored by Taft as their selection for children's book author of the year. Niko received Taft's artist of the year recognition.

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