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Enjoy Upside Down Animals storybooks!
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Mr B Brownstring

SOFT COVER BOOK (in verse)

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The Boar Who Was Actually Quite Interesting!

Mr B may be a boar but he is anything but boring! he has discovered lost cities made of gold, raced the Loch Ness Monster, wrestled a hippopotamus in the Nile, and searched for the Abominable Snowman. He has done it all! Adventure is his middle name! Having traveled every inch of the globe, he has met and befriended all of the Upside Down Animal characters!

E-BOOK (in verse) for Amazon’s Kindle

The children's picture books about animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!

SOFT COVER BOOK (simplified edition for younger readers)

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E-BOOK (in verse) for B&N´s Nook

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