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Film Projects

Painting Daydreams is pursuing the production of fun feature-length films for the entire family to enjoy together.

Empire State Tower

An original screenplay by Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon

(story outline by Niko Zinovii)

Poster Empire State Tower Final-20 Res.jpg

An imaginative, musical, family film based on Upside Dow
n Animals ®—all about animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!
The story takes place, “... a long time from now...” sometime after “the Big One” hit.
A tiny community of surviving humans are happily living and farming on a dried up section of what was once Long Island Sound. They live alongside of what’s left of New York City – now an overgrown jungle of collapsed buildings populated by animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for.
Examples: Ian is the chameleon who doesn’t want to blend in. Carmelita is the cheetah who likes to take things slow. Mr. B.
Brownstring is the boar who is actually quite interesting, etc.
After a human village’s vital crop-seeds are stolen by raiding lions
who have no pride, a little girl and her younger brother set off on an adventure to get their seeds back. Their goal? To climb to the top of the one structure still standing at its full height, the Empire State Building, and face the giant on its top floor who has acquired their seeds!
Each floor is progressively more difficult. If you thought it was tough to get past the bears who couldn’t hibernate on the 14th floor, just wait until you reach the Hyenas Who Won’t Laugh on the 53rd!
To guide them on their journey, the children recruit Mr. B. Brownstring, the boar who was actually quite interesting, Ian, the chameleon who didn’t want to blend it and Carmelita, the
cheetah who liked to take things slow.
Empire State Tower is a mad, imaginative cross between 
Jack and the Beanstalk and The Wizard of Oz set in the wholly original universe of Upside Down Animals!

Poster Empire State Tower Final.png

* Producers & agents: please contact us to request a complimentary traditional screenplay

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