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Enjoy Filo's Fantastic storybook videos!

The boy who notices everything everyone always misses.

Filo Goes To The Moon!
Filo Goes To The Moon!
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Ah, the moon and all its denizens—was it real,

was it just a dream, or was it somehow something


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Filo and his trusted stuffed dinosaur head for the dark side of the moon! Care to join them?"
Filo Goes To The Moon!

Filo can't stoop thinking about the rocket ship ride at the county fair! After falling asleep, he finds himself back on board, heading toward...the moon!

Moon men made of green cheese and tiny blue meanies await him. Is it just a dream? Can he make it back to the earth? Follow Filo™ and find out!

Filo's Fantastic theme song!

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There is nothing quite like sharing tea on the moon with new friends despite all the distractions!!

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