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Painting Daydreams has published two series of entertaining children's picture books: The Upside Down Animals ® and Follow Filo™ storybooks.

Our company is also pursuing licensing and producing feature-length fun films for the entire family to enjoy together.

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The Upside Down Animals ® stories teach children about animals and their environments in a fun and entertaining way by presenting stories of animals doing the opposite of what they are famous for!


For example there is Smelvin, “The Skunk Who Didn’t Want to Stink!” And Forget Me Not is "The Elephant Who Couldn't Remember!"

The stories amuse and inspire while providing great life lessons. Children enjoy the entertaining animals, laughing along with Harry, “The Hyena Who Wouldn’t Laugh.” Parents enjoy reading the books with their children and appreciate the great lesson each story teaches.

As picture books, these animal opposites titles make excellent daytime or bedtime stories. And being animals from around the world the fun characters transcend cultural barriers and appeal to children everywhere!

Also featured as videos on YouTube, the books are read aloud in a very entertaining way, offering a fun storytime for children.

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Follow Filo™ presents children's picture books and videos about Filo, the boy who takes his time and always sees everything that everyone else always misses in this way-too-busy world of ours!

Through "Following Filo", children learn that there is never, ever a reason to be bored. They are always surrounded by the wonders of our world and beyond. All they have to do is slow down and see what everyone else is rushing past.

Or as Filo always says, "The more you look, the more you see!™"


"They're charming and the children really do love them! I love them!"

- Martha Stewart calls the books:

"A wonderful addition to any young child's library!"

Recommended reading by the National PTA!

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